Your air conditioner isn’t cooling your house as well as it used to during this scorching summer. One common problem could be an AC fan not spinning.

Your air conditioning unit’s inability to efficiently distribute cool air around your house when the fan isn’t functioning leaves you feeling hot and stuffy.

However, there are a few easy do-it-yourself methods to troubleshoot and maybe resolve the issue before you hire a professional. Here are eight simple do-it-yourself strategies to assist you restart your air conditioner’s fan. Those sweltering summer days can be spent comfortably and coolly in your house.

Let’s begin the process of reintroducing cold air to your house! 

6 Reasons Your AC Unit Fan is Not Spinning

There is a problem with your unit if you discover that your AC fan is not spinning. It will be necessary for you to call in an HVAC specialist to identify and fix the problem correctly.

It might help your technicians when they arrive if you understand what is happening in the interim.

Let’s examine each possible problem: 

1- Power Problems

The circuit breaker may trip in response to an overheated AC system, shutting off power to the unit and the fan. Many factors, including electrical problems or system overloading, could cause this. 

Power may be briefly restored by resetting the breaker, but if it trips frequently, a more severe problem must be looked at by a professional.

It is not advisable to solve electrical problems independently since this can be harmful; instead, you should consult an electrician or HVAC specialist

2- Capacitor Troubles

Capacitors are necessary to supply energy signals to power the fan motor and the entire AC unit. A broken fan can result from capacitor deterioration over time.

The motor is started by the start capacitor and is kept running by the run capacitor. The operation of the fan is interfered with if either of these capacitors fails.

The HVAC system should replace the problematic capacitor or capacitors to function again. 

3- Contactor Issues

The fan and condenser unit receive voltage from the compressor contactor. The contacts on contactors may wear out with time and malfunction.

The fan stops spinning when the contractor malfunctions because it interferes with the fan’s power source. The contractor must be fixed or replaced to ensure the unit operates properly.

4- Burnt-Out Fan Motor

The fan motor’s bearings may deteriorate from continuous usage without routine maintenance, leading to failure.

If the AC fan is not spinning or is producing strange noises, it is likely a burnt-out fan motor. It might be expensive to replace or repair a burned-out fan motor.

Because of this, you should never undervalue the significance of routine maintenance to increase the unit’s longevity.

5- Broken Belt

Belts power the fan on older AC condenser models. The fan may cease spinning due to these belts wearing out, breaking, or slipping off over time.

While changing a damaged belt is a somewhat easy fix, if the problem persists, it might be time for a new air conditioning unit, mainly if the system is old.

6- Clogged Air Filter

Airflow is limited by a blocked air filter, which lowers cooling effectiveness and increases the risk of ice buildup. The AC fan is overworked and eventually stops spinning as a result.

Maintaining ideal airflow, extending the unit’s life, and averting malfunctions all depend on routine maintenance and filter changes.

8 DIY Tips to Fix Your Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning 

Let’s discuss eight simple DIY tips to help you troubleshoot and fix the problem yourself.

1- Check the Power

The easiest solution isn’t always the most obvious one. Verify that power is reaching your air conditioner.

Check your house’s circuit breaker panel or fuse box to see if a breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown. Reset the breaker or replace the fuse if you discover a blown fuse or tripped breaker.

2- Inspect the Thermostat

The thermostat regulates the on and off times of your air conditioner. Ensure the temperature is lower than the room temperature and in the “cool” setting.

Incorrect thermostat settings can prevent the fan and air conditioner from turning on.

3- Clean the Air Filter

The air filter’s purpose is to keep debris, dust, and other particles out of your air conditioner. It may clog with time, limiting airflow and making the fan run harder or not at all.

Find the air filter and turn off the power to your air conditioner. Replace it with a new one or clean it with water and mild detergent if it’s filthy or clogged.

4- Check for Obstructions

Your exterior condenser unit draws in air to cool the refrigerant. But it can also eliminate dirt, grass clippings, twigs, and leaves.

These impediments may block the fan blades, stopping them from rotating. Examine the vicinity of the condenser unit and clear away any debris you discover.

5- Inspect the Fan Blades

Look for any apparent damage on the fan blades, such as bending, cracking, or wear indicators. Airflow can be impeded by bent or damaged blades, leading to fan malfunctions.

Straighten the blades carefully if you see any damage, and replace them if needed.

6- Lubricate the Fan Motor

The bearings supporting the fan motor must be lubricated to lower friction and guarantee smooth performance.

If the motor has oil ports, find them and fill them with a few drops of lubricant. It might lessen the chance of the motor overheating and seizing up.

7- Check the Capacitor

The capacitor is a tiny, cylinder-shaped component that gives the fan motor an additional electrical boost during startup.

The fan may not spin because of a malfunctioning or failed capacitor. To check if the capacitor is failing, visually inspect it for bulging or swelling or use a multimeter to test for continuity.

8- Inspect the Fan Motor

The fan motor may be the source of the issue if none of the earlier fixes work.

Look for any indications of overheating, such as strange noises or burnt smells from the motor. A trained expert may be required to replace the motor if it looks broken or malfunctioning.

Contacting a qualified HVAC technician for further help is recommended if you feel uneasy carrying out any of these procedures or if the problem continues even after attempting these solutions.

Working on air conditioning units might be dangerous, so always prioritize safety.

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People Also Ask!

Why isn’t the fan on my air conditioner spinning?

Your air conditioner fan may not be spinning due to a tripped breaker, a dirty air filter, or obstructions blocking the fan blades.

Can I fix my air conditioner fan so it spins?

Many common issues causing the fan not to spin can be resolved with simple DIY steps like checking the power, cleaning the air filter, and removing obstructions.

When should I get my air conditioner fan fixed by a professional?

Suppose DIY troubleshooting doesn’t solve the problem, or you’re uncomfortable performing repairs. In that instance, contacting a qualified HVAC specialist is advisable to identify and resolve any issues with your air conditioner fan.