The Bee Heat & AC has been providing HVAC services to Monument, CO for over 10 years. We are a company that values honesty and integrity in all of our dealings.

We offer a variety of HVAC services including installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. Our technicians are trained to work on all major brands and models so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues or being left without service if your system breaks down.

AC Installation and Repair Services

Is AC worth fixing? Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution and your AC system needs minor repairs, then it may be worth it to repair rather than replace the unit. However, the age of your system will likely play a role in your decision. Generally, if your air conditioning system is more than 15 years old and requires frequent repairs, the cost of replacing it may outweigh the benefits of repairing it.

A qualified technician can assess the issue and provide you with an ally. If you’re looking to upgrade your current system with a more efficient model, then AC installation would be a better option than simply repairing it. You should also consider if repair costs are getting close to or exceeding half the cost of installing a new unit. If so, then it’s usually not worth the cost to repair a damaged system. Ultimately, having your current AC system evaluated by a professional can help you make the right honest opinion as to whether or not repairing is cost-effective for your situation.

Furnace Installation and Repair Services

When temperatures are dropping outside, you need an efficient furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable. Ensuring that the furnace is running properly is essential for keeping your family safe and healthy during cold winter months.

Furnaces are used for heating and indoor air quality. They can be installed in a new house or repaired in an old one.

Installation of a furnace is a complicated process that requires expertise, experience, and knowledge. It is important to hire the right company for this task as they will be responsible for the installation of the furnace and its safety.

A furnace repair service should be called when there are any issues with the furnace or if it needs maintenance work done to keep it in good condition.

Boiler Installation and Repair Services

In the past, people would have to rely on the stove for heating their homes. The heat is generated by burning wood or coal and then transferred to the water through a series of pipes. This process is not very efficient and often leads to too much smoke in the house.

The modern boiler is an electric heating system that transfers heat from a furnace to water through a series of pipes. It’s much more efficient than the old stove and it provides more consistent temperatures in the home.

A boiler is an important part of the home and it needs to be checked regularly. There are many things that need to be done when checking the boiler, such as checking for leaks, making sure that all parts are working properly, and making sure that there are no other problems. That’s why we offer both boiler installation and repair services.

Insulation Services

The first step in insulating the attic is to identify if it needs insulation. If there is no insulation, then you need to install it. If there is insulation, then you need to make sure that it’s installed properly and that the attic has been sealed off from the rest of your home.

The insulation will help maintain a comfortable temperature in your house, which will save money on energy bills. It will also make your home more energy-efficient, which will save you money on heating and cooling bills over time. Finally, insulation can reduce noise from outside sources such as traffic or neighbors.

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