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When it comes to picking a brand of residential Furnaces and Air Conditioning to install in your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by what might appear to be an endless list of brands to choose from. What about Trane? What about Goodman? What about Daikin? The fact of the matter is that most brands nowadays are very similar, and to explain further we’ll get a little technical. All brands are not identical, but several of their components are. For example, in almost any brand of residential 13 – 16 SEER single stage air conditioners, you’re going to have a compressor manufactured by Copeland. Since a Copeland scroll compressor is typically what’s “under the hood” of a basic AC, it may appear that the brand doesn’t matter… which is one of the reasons why we sell Daikin! Now, not all components of furnaces or air conditioners are not identical, but this was one example of an overlap that exists in the residential HVAC equipment industry. That’s why when we tell customers we prefer Daikin, it’s not just the quality of the equipment, but the customer service and reliability behind the brand itself.

Daikin was founded in 1924… yes they’ve been around 100 years! With a track record like that it’s definitely reassuring to know they’re a stable company. Globally they are also one of the largest brands, and domestically they have the largest domestic factory in North America. The systems we install are all manufactured in Houston, Texas. This means it’s (mostly) made in America, and it’s also easy to get parts for their equipment. And aside from these benefits which are all great, they have one that really sets them apart… Their warranty is the best in the Industry!

Most of their equipment comes with a 12 years parts warranty, and a Unit Guarantee** that is 6-12 years depending on the model of the equipment. A “Unit Guarantee” means that if for some reason you get a system that has a bad compressor or heat exchanger (fails within the first 6-12 years) they’ll provide you with a new unit. In terms of how this compares to the competitors it is the best in the industry by 2 years! The heat exchangers come with a limited lifetime warranty, and the rest of the furnace or AC components are covered under that 12 year warranty.

Last but not least (and it’s actually one of my favorite things about Daikin) – they are very environmentally conscious! Their world headquarters in Japan is 100% carbon neutral, and recycles all of it’s greywater. This is just one of the many things they do to be eco-friendly, and you can read more about their environmental vision and impact by clicking here.


What kind of furnace do I need? Great question! When it comes to forced air furnaces there are several options to choose from, ranging from a basic 80% efficient system, all the way up to a 98% efficient modulating system. What’s the difference between the different furnaces? We’ll give you the short answer in a second, but for a detailed list of the different options, you can visit Daikin’s website for a list of their furnace offerings by clicking here.

When you hear the term 80% vs. 92% or 98%, what it’s referencing is what percentage of heat “stays” in the home. An easy way to think about it is how much of the heat gets “wasted” out the chimney. In an 80% efficient system, 20% of the thermal energy from the combustion process goes out the chimney, and 80% of the heat stays in the home and is what makes the air coming out your vents nice and toasty. A 98% efficient system is so efficient that it only wastes 2% of the energy it burns! The tradeoffs between the different types of systems typically comes down to the cost/savings comparison. Your energy usage and energy bills are typically what determines whether or not it makes financial sense to switch to a high efficiency system, but there are also some additional comfort features that you’ll get from a high efficiency system. Higher end systems tend to be quieter, and have more settings to choose from in order to fine tune the system to your liking. If these additional comfort features are something that’s important to you, then that may be another factor that determines what kind of system you choose. Lastly, from an environmental perspective a more efficient system is better in terms of its footprint on the environment, but any of the systems we install today are likely to be more efficient than the system you’re hiring us to replace!

If you’d like to speak with one of our technicians feel free to call or text us and we can answer questions you might have over the phone, or you can contact us here to schedule a free estimate with one of our technicians.


When it comes to air conditioning one of our favorite things about Daikin is that they were one of the pioneers of Inverter Air Conditioning Technology. Whether you’re looking for a basic single stage 13 SEER system, or a high end inverter AC system, Daikin has built a reputation surrounding HVAC Refrigeration technology as a quality brand. Like we discussed earlier, if you’re looking at a basic 13 SEER system, Daikin is a no brainer choice because their warranty is better. And if you’re looking for an ultra quiet and efficient Inverter system they’re the company who pioneered the technology! There are several products to choose from, so for more information about their Air Conditioning lineup you can visit their website here.


The Daikin Fit is one of our favorite Daikin products. In terms of the quality you get with this system it is in our opinion the best bang for your buck on the market! It is a 17 SEER inverter driven compressor, ultra quiet, ultra efficient, and the condenser has a slim profile with minimal clearance requirements which allows for maximum versatility in terms of where and how we can install the system. If you haven’t check out our youtube show The HVAC Dope Show you can watch the episode about the Daikin Fit to learn more. To put things in perspective, we liked the system so much we did an entire episode about it! You can learn more about it on Daikin’s website as well by clicking here.


For more information on the Daikin Warranty for your specific system you can click here.

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