Our Pricing

So how does our pricing work? Great Question! When it comes to operating as a Home Services company there are two ways you can bill; Flat Rate pricing, or Time and Materials.

What Is Time And Materials?

So what is Time and Materials? It’s basically what it sounds like in the title! The company would charge for their “Time” and “Materials” (or parts). For example, if the technician was performing the job for an hour and the part was $100, the bill would be the cost of the part ($100 in this case) plus whatever the company’s hourly rate is. This sounds great in theory but there’s a downside. What happens if the technician you get stuck with is new, and he takes 3 hours to fix something that an experienced tech could fix in 1 hour? That’s right – you pay 3 hours labor instead of 1 hour, AND you’re paying an extra 2 hours for a less experienced tech! Yikes! I don’t know about you but that sounds like a terrible deal to me. What about if it’s a “simple fix” and easy to diagnose, but the parts house that has the part is an hour away, and since it’s the busiest day of the summer the tech gets stuck waiting in line for an hour when he gets there just to get the part! Equally lame experience for you. That’s why we have a flat rate pricing model.

Our Flat Rate Pricing Model

So what is Flat Rate pricing and why do we use this model? Flat rate pricing means that each repair has a predetermined price. The benefit is that let’s say a normal repair takes 1 hour, and for whatever reason the technician takes 2 hours to perform the repair. Because it’s a flat rate price, the price doesn’t change and you only pay a fixed price based on how long it should have taken. In this scenario the company misses out and eats that cost because for whatever reason the repair took longer.

Let’s say in a different scenario, you need the exact same 1 hour repair, but the tech that shows up is nothing short of an AC Superman and they perform that same repair (that should normally take an hour) in only 15 minutes! Now, not only did the technician save you 45 minutes, but the tech was also able to finish efficiently and effectively, and is on to the next call in a timely manner. That’s why we use a flat rate pricing system. It’s what fair for both the customer and the company, and that way you know what to expect.

Complete inspection of your AC, indoor and outdoor coils, Furnace, or Boiler. Includes any diagnosis of the system, as well as a check for any potentially unsafe or hazardous conditions. $69 includes the trip charge so there is nothing additional until we diagnose what is wrong with the system. At that point we provide you with a written estimate for the cost of repair prior to any work being completed.

Complete cleaning of the outdoor condensing unit and indoor furnace unit, or boiler in cases where hydronic heating is utilized. Cleaning also includes inspection of the blower and evaporator coil. Pulling and cleaning the blower wheel or evaporator coil is a separate service and not included with a standard checkup, however this is not typically needed on an annual basis and is more of an as needed periodic service. When on site the technician will check various components for proper operation, as well as a safety check to ensure everything is working as expected.

Furnace certification includes everything included with a basic cleaning, including a heat exchanger inspection, and checking for safe operation. Furnace certifications are typically required when customers are buying or selling a home and want to ensure the system is in safe and reliable working order.


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